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Vouchers can be purchased for any of our courses for any amount from £48 upwards towards the full cost of a course. These vouchers are valid on scheduled operating dates whilst availability permits. Our standard tandem skydive height is 10,000ft.

£48 - full price one solo parachute jump flight or part cost of another experience or:


Hard VoucherVoucher purchases made online will result in an e-voucher being sent to the purchaser. A hard copy voucher presentation pack can be purchased for just £10 extra - this can be purchased over the phone during our published office hours; normally 10am - 5pm Mon - Fri excepting for 2 weeks over the Christmas/New Year period.

Vouchers priced lower than these amounts can be used against the full price cost of any skydive offered on our website.

Tandem skydive courses are normally scheduled on to take place on a Fri,Sat & Sun during February, March & November & on a Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun & Bank Holidays during British Summer Time (April - October), although other dates will be considered for group bookings. Solo Static Courses are normally scheduled to take place on the first Saturday of the month February through November. Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Courses should be booked by individual arrangement with our AFF School.


Tandem participants need to satisfy the criteria laid down in BPA Form 115-A, solo participants need to satisfy the criteria laid down in BPA Form 115-C - Solo. Participants aged 40 years of age or over by the day of their course/jump, or who suffer from any of the conditions listed on Forms 115-C or 115-A as appropriate, will require a Dr to endorse the appropriate Form which should then presented at the Airfield on the date eventually booked. Fully completed versions of the appropriate forms need to be presented on checking in on the day of the course.


Once in receipt of a voucher bookings can be made via the telephone, email or personal visit to the Centre. Each Voucher has a Voucher ID and a Security Code and bookers should present both the Voucher ID & the Security Code when making their booking. Once the Security Code has been redeemed the Voucher holds no further value and the booker is separately sent an e-confirmation and a Booking ID valid for the course on the day booked.

Rescheduling and Cancelation

There is no charge to reschedule 10 days or more in advance of the booked date but within 10 days of the booked date a £35 reschedule fee is charged.

Solo Courses normally go ahead regardless of the weather conditions.

In the case of Tandem Courses should we consider weather conditions unsuitable for parachuting we will endeavour to contact participants by text 2-3 hours in advance of their arrival time and have them reschedule to a new time & date; that rather than they travel to the Airfield. This is not an exact science and on occasion participants may come in train & conditions prevent parachuting from taking place, on other occasions the weather may change for the better after we have rescheduled participants to alternative times & dates. In order to contact several participants in a timely fashion we strongly recommend that on booking all participants provide us with a mobile number so that we can text several participants simultaneously.

Once a course is booked no refund can be claimed although prior to the commencement of the course a place may be transferred to another without charge. Once a booked course has commenced places are no longer transferable. Those not attending courses will loose the deposit element and face an additional reschedule fee of £35 to book a new date.


On completion of their initial training participants will be issued with a jump ticket by their Instructor which they should then hand into the Manifest Office (normally on the same day for Tandems or very often the next day for Solo SLs). In the event that jumps are postponed due to adverse conditions jumpers should retrieve their tickets from the Manifest Office in order to be able to present them on their next visit. Should jumpers thereafter be unable to present their ticket on a future date (be that through loss, damage or forgetfulness) a 10 pound charge will be levied for a replacement ticket.

We operate a ticket in (jumper ready to jump) ticket out (jumper not ready to jump) system. Jumpers leaving tickets in at the Manifest Office when they have withdrawn from jumping that day leads to confusion and delays, accordingly any jumper who leaves a ticket in when they have not jumped that day will face a 10 pound charge to retrieve their ticket on a subsequent date.

Training Currency

Should participants exceed a period of 3 months since last attending to jump, or should participants demonstrate a major lack of competence at any stage after completing their initial training, they will need to retake the full training syllabus again, normally by booking onto and attending another scheduled course with suitable availability. Should the latter be within 3 months of participants last attending the Centre but also within 12 months of their initial training no charge will be raised for such retraining. If over 3 months since participants last attended a fee of £50 will be charged for a full retrain. Any participants exceeding a period of 12 months since their initial training will need to attend another full course at the full course fee in place at that time.