Skydive Academy - Peterlee DZ - Static Line

Static Line

Course & First Jump for £285 - £250 if discounted price paid in full 1 week before booked date

Subsequent jumps for £48 or 10 for £360

A static line parachute jump can be done just as a one off experience or as part of a course to progress on to freefall and skydiving. If you have time but want to spread the cost of learning to skydive over a longer period of time then the SL course may be just for you. It is a good way of experiencing parachuting if it is something that you might like to carry on with without the expense of an Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Course.

A single static line jump can also be done as a sponsored event for charity. A list of organisations promoting this can be obtained from the Centre by emailing

With the SL method the parachute is deployed by a static line secured to a strong point within the aircraft. Progression to freefall is possible on later jumps. All parachutes used by Skydive Academy are of the Ram Air design & all reserves are fitted with automatic activation devices. Round parachutes are no longer used by us.

The SL Course requires a minimum of 6 hours instruction. Courses normally last a full day allowing for coffee, lunch & tea breaks and normally take place on the 1st Saturdays of each month, although other dates can be arranged for group bookings, with the jump normally taking place the next day weather permitting. Occasionally during the lighter summer evenings jumps may be undertaken on the day of the course. Courses can be run on other days for groups of 5 or more if arranged in advance.

Once trained, given suitable conditions and providing they remain in date with their training, Solo Student Category System Parachutists can undertake jumps on any opening day; generally weekend days from the 3rd weekend of January to the 3rd weekend of December, and during British summer Time on public holidays and several other mid week days as detailed on the booking calendars. Prior to jumping on any day student parachutists must attend daily revision training during which their ability to undertake drills and actions will be assessed - this is generally run at 09:30am on Saturdays, Sundays, Bank Holiday Mondays & each day during a progression week and at 1:30pm on Wednesdays & Fridays

Participants must meet the criteria outlined in BPA Form 115-C - Solo, participants aged 40 years or older are required this form endorsed by a doctor. Purchasers should note whilst this product may be transferrable up until commencement of the course it is non-refundable; once training has been commenced the activity is non transferable as well as non refundable.

Participants need to be 16 years older and above, 16 & 17 year olds need parental/guardian consent on BPA Form 106

Reschedule options

It is possible to reschedule individual bookings upto 10 days in advance of booked dates without penalty or charge, however if it is wished to reschedule within a period of 10 days in advance of booking a reschedule fee of £35 per person will apply. Group bookings need to give us 1 months notice or loose their group discount should they wish to reschedule within 1 month of the originally booked date.

If it is not possible to jump on the day of the event due to adverse conditions there is no charge to reschedule to another date. However you must be prepared to wait until we announce that jumps are cancelled for the day; if you wish to leave before we cancel jumping there will be a £35 charge to rebook to another date.

A "No show" would result in the loss of the deposit and the consequent loss of any applicable group discount that could result from the reduced numbers attending.


Whilst we may be able to accept upto 16st 7lbs/105kg after a face to face personal assessment we require prior consultation with regard to any prospective participant weighing 14st/88kg or more.

As a general guide, please refer to our BMI chart available here.

Risk & How Safe

Information with regard to How Safe has been compiled and published by the British Parachute Association and can be accessed by CLICKING HERE.

Essentially the older and heavier the participant the higher the likelihood of injury.

Training Currency

Valid for 3 months

Should participants exceed a period of 3 months since last attending to jump, or should participants demonstrate a major lack of competence at any stage after completing their initial training, they will need to retake the full training syllabus again, normally by booking onto and attending another scheduled course with suitable availability. Should the latter be within 3 months of participants last attending the Centre but also within 12 months of their initial training no charge will be raised for such retraining. If over 3 months since participants last attended a fee of £50 will be charged for a full retrain. Any participants exceeding a period of 12 months since their initial training will need to attend another full course at the full course fee in place at that time.