Skydive Academy - Peterlee DZ - Experienced Jumpers

Qualified Skydivers

We welcome experienced (FAI Certificate Holding) Skydivers and offer up to 2 free coaching slots on every Cessna Grand Caravan load.

Club membership for 1 year (April to April) costs just £20 or £5 per day.

With the Cessna 182 available as well as the Cessna Grand Caravan we are able to mount a parachute dropping flight with a minimum of 3 self sufficient FAI Certificate Holding Parachutists.

Jump tickets cost £24

Jump tickets including kit hire cost £36

We are also prepared to negotiate special rates and/or free camera flyer slots for teams.

We have a canteeen and licensed bar, and there is free overnight camping/caravaning available on the airfield. The bar is generally open every Friday and Saturday night after parachuting and the bunkrooms can be booked through the bar staff.