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Frequently Asked Questions

If I purchase one kind of jump voucher can the person I give the voucher to change to another option?

Yes they can but they would need to pay any difference in price between the price you paid for the Voucher the full undiscounted price of whichever option they wished to change to. If there is no price difference at the time of booking then no other payment would need to be made.

It is possible to reschedule individual bookings upto 10 days in advance of booked dates without penalty or charge, however if it is wished to reschedule within a period of 10 days in advance of booking a reschedule fee of £35 per person will apply. Group bookings need to give us 1 months notice or lose their group discount should they wish to reschedule within 1 month of the originally booked date.

If it is not possible to jump on the day of the event due to adverse conditions there is no charge to reschedule to another date. However you must be prepared to wait until we announce that jumps are cancelled for the day; if you wish to leave before we cancel jumping there will be a £35 charge to rebook to another date.

A "No show" would result in the loss of the deposit - normally £70, and the consequent loss of any applicable group discount that could result from the reduced numbers attending.

The rules within which we operate, as set out by the BPA in the Operations Manual, are quite specific and do not permit student parachutists, either "Solo Student" or "Tandem Student" parachutists, to jump with cameras.

Filming of skydives is undertaken by licensed skydivers using specifically approved camera mounts & cameras, normally either mounted on a licensed skydiver’s helmet, chest, arm, hand or exceptionally another part of the body – this may be either by a solo skydiver (referred to as "Outside Cam") or in the case of some tandem instructors on their arm or hand (referred to as "Handcam"). Whilst we can undertake to have a skydive (as opposed to a static line jump) filmed we cannot at the time of booking undertake as to whether this will be done by "Outside Cam" or "Hand Cam" – each has benefits over the other – and it depends how the rota of jumps and personnel falls on the day, which in turn is dependent upon several other factors.

Whilst it is best to book in advance, it may be possible to arrange a video of a Tandem Skydive as late as the day of your jump for a total cost of £110 which will get you an edited movie and some still digital photos. Access to your footage is provided through a link that will be emailed to you after your jump and which can then be shared with friends & family. For an additional £6 the footage can be downloaded onto a USB which PSA Visual Editing and Production will provide and which can be mailed out, or should time & demand allow it may be possible to wait and collect the USB on the day of the jump.

Given that tandem parachutists exit in order of 300 feet apart resulting in both vertical & horizontal separation practicalities dictate that one camera can only film one tandem parachutist in free fall, although other jumpers might be filmed within the aircraft and after landing.

We sub-contract the production of videos out to PSA.

Payment for the edited video is made in two parts, firstly £48 to Skydive Academy Ltd in advance (by card or cash payment only) which effectively books the video, and and after training has been completed separately £62 to PSA, or if footage on a USB is preferred £68. PSA like ourselves accept both card & cash payments. Should the video be of an unacceptable standard, as judged by ourselves & PSA, you would not have to pay the balance of the £62 fee to PSA and we would refund the £48 you paid us in advance of the jump to secure the provision of the video service, however there would be no refund of the fee paid for the tandem skydive, or provision by us, Skydive Academy Ltd, of a free 2nd tandem skydive experience should the video fail to come out.

Download our Accommodation Guide.

As a general guide, please refer to our BMI chart available here.

Whilst we will accept participants to parachute weighing up to 16st 7lbs/105kg we would wish to discuss their participation with any weighing over 14st/88kg – some may require a larger parachute or in the cases of tandem, a lighter instructor - this can be done by telephoning us on 01915171234 during Office Hours 10am – 5pm Mon – Fri

We will likely require some to come in for a personal assessment, particularly those weighing over 15st 7lbs/98kg. Those exceeding the weights above and attending for training without consulting us risk not being allowed to commence the course and losing their course fee. Further details regarding the fitness Criteria to attend are detailed on the relevant British Parachute Association (BPA) Forms 115 which can be accessed by clicking the links below:

Information with regard to How Safe has been compiled and published by the British Parachute Association and can be accessed at

  • Those with with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 27.5 or over, &/or aged 40 years or older, have an increased chance of injury and would normally be restricted or advised to make a Tandem Jump as their first jump, particularly those weighing over 14st/88kg.
  • Those aged 55 and older are restricted to making their first jump as a Tandem.
  • Even when undertaking a Tandem participants with a BMI of 27.5 or over, &/or weighing 14st/88kg or over, &/or aged 40 yrs & older have a higher chance of sustaining an injury - this might range from a bruising of the thighs on canopy opening, lower limb injuries on landing such as sprains or twists, or fractures, or worse.
  • To put this into perspective the chance of serious injury when undertaking a tandem i.e. a fracture is assessed by the BPA to be in the order of 1 in 3,400 and of any injury i.e. bruising, twist, sprain, cut or graze 1 in 1,100.
  • These rates increase for those falling into any of the categories (1) BMI of 27.5 or over, (2) weighing 14st/88kg or over, (3) aged 40 yrs & older however they would increase further still for those falling into two, or indeed all, of those categories.

Essentially the older and heavier the participant the higher the likelihood of injury.

The minimum age to parachute in the UK is 16years. 16 & 17 year olds require Parental or Guardian Consent on both BPA Form 106 and the various 115 forms (see links above). Whilst those attaining 55 years or older are required to undertake their first jump as a Tandem Descent we would generally advise those of 40 years or older of no previous parachuting experience to undertake their first parachute descent as a Tandem with a Tandem Instructor

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