Skydive Academy - Peterlee DZ - Booking

You may upgrade to a higher altitude and add video options in the selection boxes below.

By selecting video a £48 charge is added for payment now (in effect as a non refundable deposit for the video service) with a further £62 to be paid direct to our video concession at the airfield prior to the jump. For that, the participant will be emailed a link to where a digital copy of an edited video and a selection of still photographs can be downloaded - the email should be received during the evening of the day the jump, please allow up until 23:59. Instead for a further £6 (i.e. balance of £68) the video & photos can be downloaded onto a USB stick that can be collected later on the day of the jump - whilst it might be possible for raw footage to be viewed within 20 minutes of the jump please allow further time for the edit to be completed and downloaded onto the USB Stick - this will depend upon demand, however indication may be sought from the video concession. Whilst either handcam or outsidecam might be used we are unable to offer customers a preference or to allow use of their own cameras in the air.

In event jumps are postponed due to adverse conditions there is no refund of funds paid they are carried over until the day of the jump.

Voucher Terms

Please note that whilst our vouchers are transferable (i.e. the place can be taken by another prior to the commencement of a course) they are not refundable. Once a course has commenced the place is no longer transferable.

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