Skydive Academy

Charity skydiving

Many people book courses with us as a sponsored event, some direct and some through charities or their agencies, with some offering "Jump for free" schemes where should participants raise a minimum sum in sponsorship the charity either fund the course fee or allow the participant to deduct it from the sponsorship raised.

Please call us on 0191 517 1234 or email us at for further information on sponsored skydiving. We can usually work with any charity you choose, but here are some that we've worked with already:

Heel & Toe0191 now
Muscular Dystrophy0132 535 0663s.wilcox@musculardystrophyuk.orgBook now
Pilgrim Bandits0142 562 now
Sarah's Hope Foundation0167 0590239keithgibson@sky.comBook now
St Benedicts Hospice0191 512 8436catrina.flynn@stft.nhs.ukBook now
St Cuthberts Hospice0191 386 1170Laura.barker@stcuthbertshospice.comBook now
St. Oswalds Hospice0191 285 0063DanielleCallender@stoswaldsuk.orgBook now
The REORG Trust0292 010 now
Toma Fund077 1217 3515AndreaThompson@tomafund.orgBook now
Willowburn Hospice077 3687 now

We work with an ever-changing number of charities, click here to view the full list.

Should the Charity you wish to support not be listed we would be happy to deal with you and/or your chosen charity direct. You can also view our courses or visit our FAQ for more details about arranging a skydive or parachute jump at Peterlee Parachute Centre.

Brave thrill seeking fundraisers jump from an incredible height to achieve the ultimate adrenaline rush for causes close to their hearts. Please call Heather to find out how you can make a difference, skydive for charity and experience the incredible.

Please call Heather on 07511 927 476 or email to book today.